The tokens will be earned by Barcelona fans who participate in club decisions, such as deciding on a new mural for the first team changing room.

Recording artists Biddl3, actress GG Townson and producer Carey explain their corners of the entertainment world, contributing their unique views on the challenges of the industry and how social media and other new technologies can be powerful tools to build content, brand and engagement with fans.
EOS Price | Live EOS Price Charts, History
Litecoin Price | Today's LTC Price, Charts, History
U.S. income tax treatment of forks is unclear. A conservative approach would be to treat the receipt of new cryptocurrency as taxable ordinary income.

Francis Suarez: Mayor of Miami | #7 Top 100

A detailed timeline of Terra's journey from its underdog start as a payments app in South Korea to a $60 billion crypto ecosystem to one of the biggest failures in crypto.
Cities across the U.S. are grappling with what it means to have cryptocurrency mining operations in their communities. Plattsburgh offers a sobering case study. This piece is part of pages Mining Week.
Ideological arguments over proof-of-work and proof-of-stake miss the larger point: Mining means the production of objective truth, says futurist Dan Jeffries. This post is part of pages Mining Week.

The problem with the current payment system.

With crypto markets deepening a downtrend in the wake of a traditional market slump and a look at how a dominant NFT marketplace remains stubbornly hands-off, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
Features the Lisk USD price, real-time (live) charts, Lisk news and videos. Learn about LSK crypto, crypto trading and more.
Central bank digital currencies, on the other hand, are financial surveillance on steroids. This op-ed is part a ruls Week. Murtaza Hussain is a national security reporter at The Intercept.
NFT markets slump as weekly sales volume dives 30%
More local money could lessen the incentive to “exit” the communities who need the resources, says Matt Prewitt, president of the RadicalxChange Foundation.
The company said it was able to sell its minimal UST stake for around 93 cents per token before the price completely collapsed.
Eleven staffers of Aragon One and one from the Aragon Association have announced their resignations Thursday due to an apparent lack of financial transparency.
Most of Q1 was uninspiring, but bitcoin’s price ticked up as we closed out the quarter potentially signaling renewed strength in the crypto market.
The all-in-one education, play-to-earn and personal finance app is backed by Coinbase, 3AC, Alameda Research and Polygon Studios, among others.
A joint body to coordinate efforts at regulating crypto at the global level could become a reality in the next year, according to IOSCO chair Ashley Alder.
IBM is launching a new app that uses blockchain to allow consumers interested in sustainability to trace the coffee they buy along the supply chain.
An oracle sends data from the outside world to a blockchain so specific data, like temperature, can execute the disbursement of money.

Law Decoded: Looking ahead to 2022, Jan. 3–10

Janet Yellen wasn’t a fan of bitcoin when she ran the Fed. Her views as Treasury Secretary may shape crypto regulation over the next four years.

Coca-Cola officially gets into NFTs for charity

Along with the halving, Zcash has rolled out its Canopy upgrade that replaces the Founders Reward with built-in funding for development.
Cryptocurrency news from United States

The Stellar Development Foundation has burned 55 billion of its XLM tokens, over half the cryptocurrency's supply, CEO Denelle Dixon announced.
Here's a step-by-step guide on what you need to know to explore and play in The Sandbox metaverse. This piece is part of pages Metaverse Week.

Central Bank News | Latest Reserve Bank News

In addition, staking rewards would no longer be offered to cardholders after the completion of the current 180-day period.

Where do security laws fit in the crypto industry?

The development team behind alternative digital currency digibyte has raised $250,000 as part of a new strategic partnership.
The pandemic has made Americans increasingly open to getting help from the government. The Biden budget aims to make the most of those feelings.
Chicago-based Athena Bitcoin deployed bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador a week after the government legalized bitcoin as legal tender. Despite rollout problems, the company remains bullish on the project. This piece is part of pages Payments Week.
Amid criticism of its first security ceremony, zcash has made changes as it prepares for a fork. But has it done enough to silence the skeptics?

Blockchain in Music | Latest Blockchain Music News

The tokens will be earned by Barcelona fans who participate in club decisions, such as deciding on a new mural for the first team changing room.
Terraform Labs, the Singapore-registered company behind the Terra protocol, doesn’t have a permanent office in the city-state; most major cryptos spent Sunday in the green.
El Índice de Precios al Consumidor estadounidense se aceleró el mes pasado debido a problemas de suministro y las sanciones relacionadas con la guerra.
Crypto Twitter has lit up with users excited to learn they will be eligible to claim Optimism’s OP tokens in an upcoming “season of airdrops.”

How the Metaverse could impact the lives of kids

Coders on a smaller cryptocurrency protocol are showing why expansion might not be so easy for Bitmain, a mining giant that's soon to file for an IPO.
Markets saw a brief spike on Sunday.
PAX GOLD USD price, real-time (live) charts, PAX GOLD crypto and videos. Learn about PAXG value, PAX GOLD news, crypto trading and more.
Cryptocurrency Regulations | Latest Government News
The crypto industry may be struggling to move past all the emphasis on price alone – but tangible progress is being made on the technology today.
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